Door Cards

All door cards will be designed, proofed, printed and installed by our trusted and experienced team.

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  • Door Cards Direct was built to make your sales experience easier than ever before.

  • We bring all your door card ideas to one place, easy to find and stored safely for your return leading up to the next sale.

  • Door Cards Direct is your one stop shop to make sure your brand is tailor made to your taste and exudes the quality of the horse you are selling behind that closed door. The understanding of your needs is crucial to getting the appropriate door cards for the right sale.

Video Cards

With our new offering of Video Cards, you will be sure to always have that professional feel to your conformation videos for sales.

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  • Video Cards were created on the huge volume of conformation videos for current sales around Europe in 2021 and beyond.

  • We now understood the importance of having a video executed in advance of a sale which helped get your consignments offerings out to potential agents, trainers, pinhookers and owners. For most people, this is another cost onto the package of prepping a horse for sales so we wanted to help with this.

  • As home shot videos are becoming more accessible through smart phone apps to help create a video, we wanted to help you add that professional touch. We are offering video cards to sit at the front of your video which highlights you, the vendor and most importantly the pedigree of the horse for sale.

  • At a small cost, this enables you to rest easy knowing your conformation video is being watched with the correct pedigree, lot number and gives potential buyers the confidence that they are looking at the correct horse.